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Сара Бернар

Наконец-то нашла эту фотографию в более-менее приличном качестве! Сара Бернар позирует в своем знаменитом гробу, стоявшем у нее в спальне. В этом гробу она любила лежать и заучивать свои роли. Фото невероятной красоты и готичности, а гроб любому вампиру на зависть. Прекрасно, правда?

АПДЕЙТ! Про гроб можно прочесть в мемуарах Сары Бернар. Я нашла в сети на английском, к сожалению, не успеваю перевести, но это просто сплошной сюр. См. под катом.

In front of the window was my coffin, where I frequently installed myself to study my parts. Therefore, when I took my sister to my home I found it quite natural to sleep every night in this little bed of white satin which was to be my last couch, and to put my sister in the big bamboo bed, under the lace hangings. She herself found it quite natural also, for I would not leave her at night, and it was impossible to put another bed in the little room. Besides, she was accustomed to my coffin.

One day my manicurist came into the room to do my hands, and my sister asked her to enter quietly, because I was still asleep. The woman turned her head, believing that I was asleep in the arm-chair, but seeing me in my coffin she rushed away shrieking wildly. From that moment all Paris knew that I slept in my coffin, and gossip with its thistle-down wings took flight in all directions.

I was so accustomed to the turpitudes which were written about me that I did not trouble about this. But at the death of my poor little sister a tragi-comic incident happened. When the undertaker's men came to the room to take away the body they found themselves confronted with two coffins, and losing his wits, the master of ceremonies sent in haste for a second hearse. I was at that moment with my mother, who had lost consciousness, and I just got back in time to prevent the black-clothed men taking away my coffin. The second hearse was sent back, but the papers got hold of this incident. I was blamed, criticised, &c.

It really was not my fault. (С)Sarah Bernhardt, My Double Life
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