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Обещанный пост с эпитафиями. Перевести на русский у меня, увы, не получается, времени нет. Тем более что эпитафии довольно стандартные, но, собственно, тем они мне и понравились. И вообще очень отрезвляюще действуют.

From England

Short life is here our portion,
Short sorrow, short-lived care,
The life that knows no ending,
The tearless life is there.

O happy retribution,
Short toil, eternal rest
For mortals and for sinners,
A mansion for the blest.

And now we fight the battle,
But then shall wear the crown
Of full and everlasting
And passionless renown.

And now we watch and struggle,
And now we live in hope,
And Sion in her anguish
With Babylon must cope.

But He whom now we trust in
Shall then be seen and known,
And they that know and see him
Shall have him for their own.

The morning shall awaken,
The shadows shall decay,
And each true-hearted servant
Shall shine as doth the day.

There God, or King and Portion,
In fullness of His grace,
Shall we behold forever,
And worship face to face.

From England

Remains of Jane and William
Children of William and Hannah
Walker of Knaresbro'
Jane died March 15th, 1858, aged 4 years
William died Oct. 2nd, 18(?)0, aged 2 years

Stranger, tread soft this hallow'd ground
Two lovely infants here have found
A bed of rest:
They came, the caus'd a smile, a tear,
Then scap'd from sorrow, pain & fear,
And joined the blest.

From England

Short was my stay,
The longer is my rest;
God took me hence
Because he thought it best.
As you are now so once was I,
As I am now so must you be,
So do prepare to follow me.

From England

Departed this life the 6th of April 1811, aged 12 years.

Afflictions sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain,
But God above full of his love
Sent Death to ease my pain.

На этой эпитафии говорится о Втором Пришествии Христа, но само выражение joyful rising from the grave, вытащенное из контекста, радует мою вампиролюбивую душу.
From England

To the memory of John Bratfield
Who departed this life
May the 6th 1810 aged 40 years.

Go home my friends and shed no tears,
I must lie here till Christ appears,
And at his comming [sic] I hope to have,
A joyful Rising from the Grave.

From England

To the Memory of John, the Son of Robert and Eleanor Dearlove who departed this life the 25th of December aged 19 Months.

The dear delights we here enjoy,
And fondly call our own,
Are but short favours borrowed now
To be repaid anon.

From England

Young friends, a warning from we dead,
By this sepulchral stone;
While you deplore our earthly fate,
Be mindful of your own.

Depend not on the length of years,
Uncertain is the sum;
Early prepare to meet your God,
And join us in the Tomb.

Здесь интересно написание S, никогда такое не видела.
From England

Sacred to the memory of Margaret Bake, who died August 31st, 1850, aged 67 years.

The winter of trouble is past:
the storms of affliction are o're:
Her struggle is ended at last,
And sorrow and death are no more.

From England

Sacred to the memory of Jane Winterburn who died January 4th 1797, aged 24 years.

Death with his dart he pierced my heart
When I in youth did shine
Mourn nor for me my Parents dear
Twas God's appointed time.

From England

Sacred to the memory of Isabella Clapham, who died Novemver 5th, 1866, aged 96

Jesus is mine.

This stone is erected by one who has often eaten of her bread. T.B.

From England

In memory of James Douglas, son of James and Mary Herrington, who died May 8th 1872, in the 26th year of his age.

Not lost, but gone before.

Интересно, что на надгробии экономки больше информации о ее хозяине, чем о ней самой.
From England

On memory of Hannah Richardson, Housekeeper of the late William Wigglesworth of Red Hall near Shadwell, who departed this life the 28th of September 1845, aged 78 years.

Обратите внимание на оригинальное правописание и вставки недостающих слов и букв.
From England

Here lieth the Body of jane the
Daughter of William and
Ann Ingle of Sturton Lane
Who died may 29th 1781
Aged 28 years.

Afflictions sore long time I bor(e),
Physicians were in vane,
But God did please to give me (ease)
And freed me from my pain.

Yes! -прямо радость какая-то чувствуется в этом слове.
From England

Thomas Wood, of Leeds Plumber and Glazier, who departed this life July 30th 1849, aged 37 years.

And is he gone, whom I so dearly loved,
Whose tender kindness I so often proved;
Yes! He's gone, his happy spirit's fled,
And now he's numbered with the silent dead.

Also of Ann, wife of the above, who died June 18th 1867, in the 57th year of her age.

Эта эпитафия меня очень зацепила. Текст тоже, наверное, стандартный, но уж очень пронзительный.
From England

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Brown who died August the 19. 1809. Aged four years and ten Months.

Though thou wert dear for lovely was thy Form
and fair thy Mind and hopeful from thy Birth
Though sudden and resistless was the Storm
That beat thy tender Blossom to the Earth,

For thee we grieve not [,] certain that the Soul
yet sinless bursting from its earthly Clod
Is born on angel Wings above the Pole
Where Infant Innocence hath place with God.

Ancient Foresters Society - это, как я понимаю, прообраз кредитных союзов, общество взаимопомощи.
From England

Erected by court No. 754 of Ancient Foresters S[ociety] in memory of their departed brother Robert Smith, of Aberford, for his strict integrity as a member of that order, he died December 10th 1855, aged 47 years.

Also of Sarah, wife of the above, died Jan 23 1874, aged 64 years. Also George, Henry & Sarah, children of the above. R.I.P.

И совершенно дивный и очень горделивый монумент одному выдающемуся фермеру.
From England

Here lieth the Body of William Blacklock who died at Aberford the 14th day of November 1780 and in the 54th Year of his age. He was the Native of North Britain born in the parish of Hoddam in the County of Dumfries and was an eminent Farmer at Haregills in the said County. This Stone was erected by his Son John Blacklock.

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