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Вот такую прелесть я нашла, когда копалась в антологии по английской литературе. Это пародия Уэнди Коуп - как Уордсворт написал бы детское стихотворение :)))

Wendy Cope (b. 1945)
A Nursery Rhyme (as it might have been written by Wordsworth)
The skylark and the jade sang loud and long,
The sun was calm and bright, the air was sweet,
When all at once I heard above the throng
Of jocund birds a single plaintive bleat.

And, turning, saw, as one sees in a dream,
It was a Sheep had broke the moorland peace
With his sad cry, a creature who did seem
The blackest thing that ever wor a fleece.

I walked towards him on the stony track
And, pausing for a while between two crags,
I asked him, "Have you wool upon your back?"
Thus he bespake, "Enough to fill three bags."

Most courteously, in measured tones, he told
Who would receive each bag and where they dwelt;
And oft, now years have passed and I am old,
I recollect with joy that inky pelt.

А само детское стихотворение можно посмотреть под катом (хотя думаю, что вы уже догадались). Так же под катом еще две пародии - на Горация и на Шескпира.
Tags: nursery rhymes, poetry

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