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Детские игры

В честь Дня Защиты Детей - подборка с играющими ребятишками.

Verhas, Hide-and-seek

Wiesenthal, Children's game

Tissot, Hide-and-seek

Duverger, Hopscotch

Dargelas, Doctor's Visit

Dargelas, Game of Marbles

Boy at Marbles by Cotman, John Sell

A Game of Marbles by Bromley, William

Boy Playing with Marbles by Steen, Jan Havicksz

`Angel and Devil' or `Playing Diabolo, The-Devil-on-two-Sticks' by Acqua, Cesare Felix. Кто-нибудь знает, что это за игра такая?

Breakfast Time - Morning Games by Cope, Charles West

A Carriage to the Ball by Bromley, William

Cats Cradle by Bundy, Edgar

Brooks, Cats Cradle

Children playing round a chair by Petit, Charles

The Game of Lotto by Chaplin, Charles

A Four in Hand by Ludovici, Albert

The Skipping Rope by Archer, Janet

Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses-Oh by Morgan, Frederick
Tags: art, children
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